Future Projects at Octopus

Goodbye Mr. Vampire:

Status: Completed
Project: Feature Film
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Director – Jackson Pat
Writer – Tango Chan
Producer – Guy Allon

The Return:

Status: In Development
Project: Feature film
Genre: Action
Writer: Tango Chan

Having uncovered a sinister plot at the heart of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China, Chinese intelligence agent Chung Li must flee Britain, abandoning the woman he loves, pregnant with his child. Yet there is no choice; he has been targeted for elimination by corrupt officers within MI5. But seventeen years later, Chung Li finds he must return to the country where he is still marked for death.

For the daughter he has never met is now missing…


Jack & Jill Catch Monsters

Status: In Development
Project: Feature film
Genre: Comedy Spoof Horror
Tagline: “In the countryside no one can hear you scream…”
Writer: TBC

Jack & Jill Catch Monsters is an adventure-comedy about Tian and Shi, childhood friends who travel to the West to solve a mystery in a small English village and end up fighting for their lives against what seem like supernatural forces.


Wonton Abbey

Status: In Development
Project: Internet Film
Genre: Spooky Comedy Adventure
Tagline: What if a bumbling Chinese guy in his 20’s was bequeathed with a haunted English Castle only to find out it was by mistake?
Writer: Peng Wanyuan

Chen, A Chinese guy in his 20’s, is heir to an ancient Castle in England and brings along his two incompetent friends to live with him. But things don’t turn out as planned when a spiritual entity roams the corridors of the castle wit the aim of getting rid of its inhabitants. But upon close inspection Chen discovers that not all is what it seems and perhaps there are other forces at work trying to rid of him and his friends in the shape of his Butler and his family.


Daddy is coming !!!

Status: In Development
Project: Internet Film/TV Series
Genre: Comedy Drama
Tagline: These guys are real, except their money
Writer: Li Miao

Four very wealthy young Chinese who live in London, traverse through life’s misadventures, shenanigans and spoils with funny consequences while living a life of opulence and materialistic existence overlooked by their parents from half way across the world – in China.