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About Us

Here at team Octopus Media we are an experienced and friendly blend of designers, directors, producers and marketeers.

we develop messages, strong stories and creative ideas at the heart of our work. We use them to build powerful content either for film, commercials, events or marketing campaigns.

Our skill is in crafting narrative stories and working with talent – reaching big audiences on line and off – and making sure we keep their attention to the end.

With offices currently in London, Hong Kong and Beijing, we offer a global reach and achieve successful productions with a combination of speed, diligence, good humour and flexibility and by working with great people.

Meet The Team

Team Octopus

Jackson Pat (UK)

Is an outstanding creative who has produced and directed a wide variety of commercials for the European and Asian market. As well as having co directed several Chinese and Asian feature films, Jackson’s role at Octopus is to ensure the highest of visual standard across all of the output.

Guy Allon (UK)

Coming from a production background, Guy has extensive knowledge of film production in the UK. As well as producing several British films he has worked extensively with the Far East on numerous projects and is focused on developing stories that defy conventions of traditional thinking and bridge the creative gap between China and the UK.

William Chan (Hong Kong)

Is experienced in a wide variety of specialities ranging from Brand Consulting, Visual Identity, Packaging, Creative Management, Corporate Design and Event Curating. William has had a big hand in shaping the visual branding in Hong Kong and China. Some of his clients include HK MTR, HK Bank, BASF, Deloitte, HK Tourism Board, NBA and even the Van Gogh Museum.

Ken (China)

With many years of experience in advertising and PR services in mainland China Ken specialises in business development, copy writing, project planning and execution and is a one stop shop for organising product launches, banqueting events and Press Releases. As well as producing corporate videos for clients in such industries as Automotive, Food, and Real Estate Ken is the pointed advertising provider for Lenovo Group, Sichuan Cheng-gong Machinery Group and China Resources Land Ltd.

Eric Ng (UK)

Has an established track record as an integrated accounts director and marketing communications specialist. His proven experience in developing fully integrated communication campaigns, together with managing projects, budgeting, reporting, and delivering strategic and creative goals through effective planning and organisation ensures that our clients get full access to their project throughout the various stages of production, the key contact being Eric, thus enabling each project to meet their respective budgets and deadlines.